[Alice papermodel]1:48 1:33 1:24 1:18 1:16 1:12 1:8 1:6 1:4 World War I WWI France French Hanriot HD1 HD-1 biplane jet fighter helicopter bomber military transport aircraft big large scale size plane flight model models soldier pilot scene on sale store shop


Size option:

1:48 wingspan 18CM
1:33 wingspan 26CM
1:24 wingspan 50CM
1:18 wingspan 62CM
1:16 wingspan 70CM
1:12 wingspan 100CM
1:8 wingspan 140CM
1:6 wingspan 200CM
1:4 wingspan 280CM




This is papermodel which is made by card paper.



You should cut the model parts from the paper and glue them together.



More models could see the catalog on the left of the shop.




Example of making papermodel: