[Alice papermodel]1:72 1:48 1:35 1:25 1:18 1:12 1:9 1:6 USA US civil war Navy USS CSN Picket gunboat ironclad battlecruiser battleship missile cruiser frigate destoryer aircraft carrier landing ship large scale size super big long submarine military warship model models on for sale store shop


Size option:

size 1 1:72 length width height 12*3*9CM
size 2 1:48 length width height 16*5*13CM
size 3 1:35 length width height 24*6*18CM
size 4 1:24 length width height 32*10*26CM
size 5 1:18 length width height 48*12*36CM
size 6 1:12 length width height 64*20*52CM
size 7 1:9 length width height 96*24*72CM
size 8 1:6 length width height 128*40*103CM





This is papermodel which is made by card paper.



You should cut the model parts from the paper and glue them together.



More models could see the catalog on the left of the shop.




Example of making papermodel:
























Additional information

Additional information


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